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Digital Marketing Questions

Why do I need digital marketing for my business?

Having a website is not enough these days. The internet is one of the most competitive spaces and everyone is competing for customers online. A website serves as the foundation for your online marketing presence. But it is just that, a foundation. Promotion of your website through other digital marketing channels is important to set your business apart and give you every opportunity to attract customers.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why is it important?

SEO is the implementation of tactics that optimize your website to rank for specific keyword searches on Google and other search engines. Using SEO tactics, such as keywords, meta descriptions, and links, makes your content stand out to search engine algorithms as relevant information and ultimately improves your ranking. Ranking higher leads to increased traffic and consumer trust.

There are two main factors that go into SEO: On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

On-page optimization is is anything you do on your own website. We configure the content and information on your website to rank for specific keyword searches. This might include things like updating meta tag information, adjusting content on specific pages, or configuring your website with a blog in order to promote content.

Off-page optimization is what happens off of your website that relates directly back to it. This may include domain authority, backlinks, a guest blog, a press release, and includes work we do to promote your website.

Earning SEO rankings do not happen overnight because there are many other competitors that are either better positioned or have been putting in SEO efforts for a longer period of time. But, once your website starts to see increased rankings, traffic will increase and grow each month as we continue to add relevant content and information that leads back to your website.

Ranking improvements can take anywhere from 3-6 months, with lasting effects generally coming in at around one year. SEO rankings, if maintained, will continue to improve over time and will create lasting ROI.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) and why is it important?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is when you place ads on search engines or other websites to drive traffic to your website. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. You get to choose the age and location of your target customers, the keywords that your customers typically search, and the amount you want to spend. It’s also easy to track and measure. Unlike an SEO campaign, PPC ads generate traffic almost immediately. However, PPC campaigns are more expensive because you are paying to be placed in front of a customer, rather than hoping to be found in search results.

We configure your ad campaigns to drive the right customers to your website, ensuring that your budget is not being wasted. We monitor and make changes to your campaign to drive down the cost-per-click, increase your click-through-rate, and increase your call rates. We test different variables and ad formats to find the best combination. And we get data instantaneously that tells us whether our advertising is working or not and how we can make adjustments to make sure that it is performing better.

How do I know how much to spend on digital marketing?

As a rule of thumb, general marketing expenditures are recommended to be around 7-10% of overall revenue, with at least half of that being allocated to digital marketing. One of the most important numbers is determining what the return-on-investment is of any marketing investment. The only wrong amount to spend on digital marketing efforts is $0. Doing something is much better than doing nothing at all.

Do I need a Blog?

A blog is always a great way to provide value and build trust with customers. They’re low cost to run and maintain, position you as a market or thought leader, help you rank for certain keywords or phrases, improve traffic, and provide material for your social media channels.

Agency Services Questions

Which services does RFM offer?

We offer 3 services. Details about each one can be found on their individual webpages.

Search Engine Optimization

Google Ads Management

How does the onboarding process work?

Once you complete your contract and process your first payment, we will have you fill out an Onboarding Intake Form to give us more information about your business. We will also schedule a strategy call to discuss your campaign goals and business details. We will use this information to get your campaigns up and running.

How long does it usually take to build out and launch campaigns?

Once you have completed the onboarding information, it usually takes 5-7 business days to get your services active.

How long does it take for revisions to be applied?

For an active campaign, each revision request can take up to two business days depending on the request.

How often are changes/optimizations performed on active campaigns?

Maintenance and optimizations are performed a minimum of once a week. When we implement changes to a campaign, those changes will need time to run before we can judge their performance. Be aware that changes early on in a campaign will reset the learning phase and it's as if the ads started running from scratch when those changes are made. Please note that we need to give ads time to perform. Sometimes campaigns perform outright, but other times they can take a bit of time to hit a good stride. This is especially true for accounts that have never advertised before.

Will I receive reports for my active campaigns?

As part of our services, we provide weekly reports. We also have a dashboard available for you to monitor the campaign's performance yourself if you choose.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We require a 3-month contract which transitions to a month-to-month contract after the initial 3 months. This is because there is an extensive amount of preparation and research to get a campaign up and running and working successfully. Digital marketing results do not happen overnight, especially with search engine optimization. The longer an SEO campaign runs, the more successful it will be. It takes time for the algorithms to organically increase a company's ranking. During that time, we optimize the campaign weekly based on market data to drive better marketing performance.

How am I charged for services?

You will be charged separately for your monthly retainer and Google ads (if you purchase this service).

Monthly Retainer: Once you have signed your contract, you will need to enter a credit card into our billing system. You will automatically be charged every 30 days for the next month's services. After the first 3 months of your contract are completed, you can cancel at any time. We will continue working on the account until the end of the current billing cycle.

Google Ads: Google PPC charges will be paid directly to Google. You will need to enter your credit card into the Google Ads platform. We will work with you to determine how much you should spend on ads and will set up your ads account to stop when that amount has been reached.

What happens if/when the service is cancelled?

We will continue working on the account until the end of the current billing cycle, as long as our team still has the necessary access and you want us to continue working on it.

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